Road to Recovery Health Clinic

Road to Recovery Health Clinics (RTR) were established with the goal of helping a large segment of Ontario’s population affected by opioid addiction. Recently the term addiction has been replaced by “substance use disorder” to essentially recognize that opioid use disorder doesn’t always stand alone but may encompass cocaine or other substance use disorders. In addition, co-morbid psychiatric conditions may contribute to substance use disorders. For these very reasons, RTR will endeavour to help opioid dependent patients with their cravings and opioid withdrawal with the use of controlled methadone and suboxone dosing. This is achieved with the generation of a methadone/suboxone prescription from a licensed physician who possesses the Health Canada exemption. Psychiatric and social concerns that may accompany opioid use disorder are identified by a qualified RPN and the doctor working as a team in each of our locations. This allows for timely referrals to appropriate ancillary healthcare professionals including counsellors, psychiatrists and social centres. At RTR it our goal to medically treat the patient while advocating for their rights and needs as required.


36 Mary St
Barrie, ON, L4N 4Y4
(705) 735-9393

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