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Being at the centre of the community means a lot; this new gathering space will become a central part of Barrie. Surrounded by the growth of a village that has become a City, this new space will continue to be the epicentre of future history. While maintaining our long standing heritage, it will also be the birthplace for new influences, ideas and actions that will build upon Barrie’s growth and prosperity.

This new space will become the heart of the city. Being the Downtown urban connection to the beautiful waterfront; being the cultural connection to showcase our world renowned artists and performers; being the historic connection tying our past with our future – it will connect Barrie to the world and connect its people to each other.


Whether it is a large event accommodating thousands of people such as a marathon or a seasonal festival, an impromptu performance of our local cultural talent, or just a casual Saturday afternoon spent with your family, this space will be where it is all happening. Meridian Place will be a catalyst for the downtown core; with 325,000 people attending various events in the downtown last year, the space will be programmed with the idea of attracting upwards of 1,000,000 people in 2017 and beyond.


Meridian Place will be home to a permanent state of the art performance stage located on the lower tiers of the space. The design accounts for sight lines through to the waterfront, the need for the latest AV infrastructure and the ability to be a 365 degree experience for both the performers and the audience. Moreover, the venue will be covered providing for four season programming.


By spearheading the development of the Meridian Place project, The Downtown Barrie Business Association (BIA) is a proud contributor to the City Of Barrie’s 20 year Waterfront and Marina Strategic Plan. The new space will act as a conduit to encourage people and activities to flow up from the waterfront and into the downtown core. Much like this linkage to the waterfront was used by the aboriginals and the British Military as part of the Nine Mile Portage, so too will we use it to facilitate activities that create vibrancy and an economic impact for the City for decades to come.

For more information, please visit the Meridian Place website