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Pingstreet App

This location-based discovery tool provides the public with the opportunity to report problems they see around today by taking a picture and sending it directly to appropriate City of Barrie staff. It also provides real-time access to garbage and recycling calendars, elections information, news, current events, road closures and more.

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Holiday Closure Information

The Retail Business Holidays Act says retail businesses in Ontario must be closed on the nine Canadian Statutory holidays each year.
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City of Barrie Services

Business Information:
The City of Barrie is committed to the attraction, retention and expansion of business in Barrie. The Business Development Department is aggressively seeking new business investment opportunities and responding to the needs of existing industry and business within the community.
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Business Licences:
Most businesses require a City of Barrie Business License.
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Information Barrie:
Information Barrie is a community information and referral service, bringing people and services together. It’s a part of our Information Services Department at the Barrie Public Library.
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Garbage & Recycling

Garbage collection: Tuesday and Friday.

Recycling: Tuesday ONLY.

Organics: No pick up available at this time.

Collection time: Between the hours of 4am and 6am (material should go out after 4pm the evening before).

Where to place waste: On sidewalks out of pedestrians way, only to be placed there at the END of the business day (after 4pm).
Uncollected waste must be removed by 10am the day of collection.
On statutory holidays collection is advanced by one day for the remainder of the week.

How much can I put outside for Curbside Collection?
•  Maximum of six (6) units of garbage (up to 45 lbs each) per week.
•  Maximum of five (5) recycling boxes per week.
•  One (1) bundle of cardboard per week.
•  Must be flattened and bundled no larger than 75cm x 75cm x 20cm. This can be placed in or beside the recycling box.
•  All plastic wrap, liner bags and styrofoam from cardboard must be removed.
•  Equivalent of one (1) recycling box of fine paper per week.

Where to get a recycling bin: Available for no charge at Environmental Centre: 272 Ferndale Drive North, Tuesday – Saturday from 9am – 4pm.
What to do with extra garbage and recycling: businesses may take their cardboard to the City of Barrie Landfill Site at 272 Ferndale Drive North for recycling at no charge. Cardboard must be kept separate from garbage disposal.
Businesses may also contract directly with a waste management firm to handle their cardboard.

Landfill Information:
272 Ferndale Drive North
Tuesday – Saturday, 9am – 4pm
Closed Sunday, Monday and designated holidays
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There are more than 2000 public parking spaces within walking distance to some of the best restaurants, shopping experiences, culture and entertainment in beautiful downtown Barrie.

Parking in the Downtown:
Business owners are responsible for handling parking arrangements for their staff and themselves. If your building does not have sufficient space, monthly municipal parking lot permits are available for purchase at the Downtown Barrie BIA office and Barrie City Hall (70 Collier Street)

The City of Barrie offers three (3) levels of monthly parking passes:
•  YELLOW $60 before tax ($67.80 tax included)
•  GREEN $75 before tax ($84.75 tax included)
•  BLUE $85 before tax ($96.05 tax included)
Please note that the Downtown Barrie BIA accepts only cash or cheques as payment.
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Parking Tickets: Click here for more information.

Winter Months Downtown

Winter overnight on-street parking:
Although winter weather is often unpredictable, City snow removal efforts are not. The City is committed to providing a high level of snow removal service throughout the winter season.
On-street parking is prohibited from December 1st to March 31st between 3am and 6am within the Downtown Business Improvement Area. This ensures the City can completely clear streets of snow and that large emergency vehicles can get down the street.
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Snow and Ice Clearing By-Law:

All Downtown Barrie BIA merchants, business and property owners are required to have the sidewalks in front and beside their business or property cleared of snow and ice each morning by 10am.
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Winter Maintenance

The City of Barrie can declare a winter maintenance event at any time prior to December 1st and after March 31st to ensure that maintenance of the road way during a winter event is complete.
During a winter maintenance event, vehicles are prohibited from parking on any street between 12am (midnight) and 7am.
Notices of Downtown winter maintenance events will be provided to BIA members by way of various media outlets including the Downtown Barrie BIA weekly newsletter email.

Spring/ Summer Months Downtown

Outdoor Patio Program:
Downtown restaurants can take advantage of our beautiful summer weather by offering outdoor dining experiences with the Outdoor Patio Program. Pedestrian traffic flow will be maintained through the provision of temporary sidewalks designed for pedestrian safety.
Who to contact: Downtown Barrie BIA (pre-approval from the BIA is required).
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Spring Street Sweeping Program

Road Operations conduct the Annual Spring Street Sweeping Program to clean all city streets of sand deposited during winter control.
Spring street sweeping improves water quality and the environment by removing pollutants that can be transferred to downstream water bodies through urban runoff. The street sweeping program also improves the cleanliness of city streets and parking lots.

When will street sweeping happen: beginning mid-April and ending mid-May

•  A mechanical sweeper capable of picking up heavy sand deposits and debris makes a pass of the street
•  A second pass of the street with a vacuum sweeper to remove any fine material that may remain (this could be a few days later).
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Blade signs and Awnings: Blade signs provide increased storefront advertising and visibility to on-coming vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and attractive awnings dress up storefronts and provide shelter for pedestrians on days of inclement weather.
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All signs are required to comply with the Ontario Building Code and/or the City of Barrie’s Sign By-law. Various types of signs may or may not be prohibited under the by-law. Please review the by-law to ensure you are in compliance at all times prior to any sign being installed or erected.
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Frequently Used Number and Emails

Barrie Fire and Emergency Servicesnon-emergency 705-728-3199
Barrie Police Servicesnon-emergency 705-725-7025
Crime Stoppers  1-800-222-8477
Downtown Barrie BIA[email protected]downtownbarrie.ca705-734-1414
Barrie Chamber of Commerce[email protected]barriechamber.com705-721-5000
Tourism Barrie[email protected]tourismbarrie.com705-739-9444
Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit simcoemuskokahealth.org705-721-7520
Barrie Public Library library.barrie.ca705-728-1010
Service Barrie[email protected]barrie.ca705-726-4242
Building Services[email protected]barrie.ca705-726-4242
Business Development[email protected]barrie.ca705-726-4242
Business Licensing barrie.ca705-739-4241
City Clerk’s Office barrie.ca705-739-4204
Culture Department[email protected]barrie.ca705-739-4299
Environmental Services/Landfill[email protected]barrie.ca705-739-4219
Special Events Office[email protected]barrie.ca705-739-4285
Mayor’s Office[email protected]barrie.ca705-792-7900
Municipal Law Enforcement  barrie.ca705-739-4241
Planning Services[email protected]barrie.ca705-739-4208
Provincial Offences barrie.ca705-739-4291
Road and Sewer Maintenance barrie.ca705-739-4255
Small Business Centre[email protected]barrie.ca705-720-2445
Transit Customer Service [email protected]barrie.ca705-739-4209
Transit Terminal[email protected]barrie.ca705-739-1500

The Downtown Barrie BIA acknowledges that the Business Improvement Area is located on the traditional land of the Anishnaabeg people. The Anishnaabeg include the Odawa, Ojbwe and Pottawatomi nations, collectively known as the Three Fires Confederacy. The Downtown Barrie BIA is dedicated to honoring Indigenous history and culture and committed to moving forward in the spirit of reconciliation and respect with all First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.