You’re invited to participate in Downtown Barrie’s Hot Cocoa Trail!

You’re invited to participate in Downtown Barrie’s Hot Cocoa Trail!

Thursday, January 9, 2020

What is the Hot Cocoa Trail?

Help warm up Downtown Barrie by participating in the Hot Cocoa Trail!

Now in its 6th year, this February tradition beats the winter blues by showcasing some deliciously unique & creative hot cocoa beverages provided by Downtown Barrie coffee shops, cafés and bistros.

Every Saturday & Sunday during the month of February, Downtown Barrie (BIA) will be encouraging visitors to follow the ‘Hot Cocoa Trail’ and indulge in your signature cups of hot chocolate.

Customers will fill out a ballot after purchasing your signature Hot Cocoa Trail beverage for a chance to win one of three 'Hot Cocoa Trail Vouchers'.

In 2019, 10+ coffee shops, cafés & bistros participated and we hope to have even more in 2020!

Participating is Easy!

    • Let us know you're in!
    • Create a unique, signature Hot Cocoa beverage to be offered for sale every weekend during February.
  • Donate five (5) FREE 12oz hot drinks as part of the 'Hot Cocoa Trail Voucher' to be awarded to one of three lucky winners!

What's in it for Your Business?

    • Ballots - Downtown Barrie will provide ballots to each business to be filled out by each customer who purchases a signature Hot Cocoa Trail beverage
    • Event Collaterals - Downtown Barrie will provide Posters, Window Stickers, Ballots, etc. to assist with promoting your business' participation
    • Event Page Listing - Downtown Barrie will promote the ‘Hot Cocoa Trail’ on our website as well as within local community calendars (i.e. Snap'd, newspaper, radio, municipal, etc.)
    • Social Media Coverage - on Downtown Barrie’s dedicated Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms
    • Event Social Media Kit - will also be provided with 'ready-to-upload' photos and pre-drafted content
    • Press Release & Conference (pre-event) - To be scheduled for event promotion
  • Press Release (post-event) - Highlighting event recap & donation to Charity