Winter Maintenance: De-Icing & Salt Application Tips

Winter Maintenance: De-Icing & Salt Application Tips

Monday, November 11, 2019

Please remember that our downtown is within a Source Water Protection Area. The use of salt during winter can have a negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips to help protect our drinking water while also ensuring staff and visitor safety:

1. Clear snow first
Always shovel first before applying salt and avoid using salt excessively. Shovel frequently and prevent ice by directing drains/downspouts away from walkways and driveways. If possible, pile snow in places where it will not melt and drain back onto walkways.

2. Apply product as needed
Salt is generally ineffective for melting ice at very cold temperatures. Apply product as needed and follow package directions. Consider sand or kitty litter as an alternative.

3. Apply where needed
Prioritize more-used areas of your property for de-icing to ensure safety. This may include parking lot intersections, slopes, sidewalks and cross walks.

4. Apply wisely
Only use salt on icy areas and remember—a little goes a long way! Give it time to work before applying more. If the temperature is colder than -10°C, salt is not effective.

Salt Storage Tips

· Store normal-sized bags of road salt indoors.

· Moderate quantities of salt (larger than bags) should be stored in a close-lidded, waterproof plastic container.

· Storage areas should be inspected regularly to make sure that containers and equipment are in good condition. Salt spilled during handling or storage should be cleaned up right away.

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