Downtown Snow Removal Procedures Reminder

Downtown Snow Removal Procedures Reminder

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Snow Clearing Reminder
The City of Barrie requires all Downtown Merchants & Business Owners to have the sidewalks in front/beside their business cleared of snow & ice each morning by 10 am.  7 days a week. 

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers will be patrolling for compliance every morning commencing at 10 am, from the first snow/ice fall.

*Please note that business owners, tenants and property owners are responsible to clear their snow even in the construction areas.  The City of Barrie and the contractor will not be responsible  the clear snow from their property frontage.

Snow Lift Procedure
During winter months, crews will periodically perform snow removal procedures in the downtown area and portions of Allandale to allow access to parking meters and free movement of traffic (both vehicular and pedestrian). These operations are usually performed when snow accumulation has reached approximately 30 inches. When snow removal operations are underway, the City will temporarily bag the parking meters.

This NO PARKING ban applies to all residents. Vehicles that interfere with the removal of snow can be ticketed and towed.

Click here more information on Winter Control measures in the City of Barrie.

Click here to review the Downtown Snow By-Law.