Feedback on Smoking By-law Amendment

Feedback on Smoking By-law Amendment

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


The City of Barrie's Enforcement Services is looking for feedback regarding a proposed amendment to the recently passed (June 2019) Smoking By-law.

For copy of City of Barrie Direction Memo Click here

The current City of Barrie by-law and the Smoke Free Ontario Act does regulate smoking in workplaces, public places (restaurants/offices/businesses etc.), on City owned property (parks/facilities) and has set backs from public outdoor patios, sports fields/playgrounds and schools.

However the Smoke Free Ontario Act states a municipality shall not prohibit smoking on a municipal right of way, such as a road and sidewalk, however can restrict the activity.
Therefore the Direction Memo attached provides for a prohibition within 2 metres of any part of a building/premise that has an entrance or exit meant for access or egress from the building/premise by the public or employees.

The Direction Memo also states that this would be required to be visibly posted at the entrance/exit such that anyone accessing/egressing the building would be aware, and that the cost of creating and posting the signage be borne by the property owner/operator/proprietor etc.

If you have any questions about the attached Direction Memo or would like to provide feedback please email Supervisor of Enforcement Services Jason Forgrave at [email protected] directly.