Illuminate Barrie Collaboration Brew

Illuminate Barrie Collaboration Brew

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Press Release - August 14, 2017

Barrie, Ontario. Special for the Illuminate Barrie Labour Day waterfront festivities, the craft brewers, distillers, and wine and cider makers of Barrie are creating a one-of-a-kind collaboration for our hometown celebration.

The creative folks from Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling, Redline Brewhouse, and Heritage Estates Winery & Cidery are all convening at the Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery on Tuesday, August 15th, at 9:00 a.m. to combine their award-wining talents in a single creation just for the Illuminate Barrie weekend.

With the spontaneity that only a meeting involving pints on a patio can inspire, the owners, brewers and vintners of Barrie’s three craft breweries and Heritage Estates Winery & Cidery conceived of a creation blending all their talents in a baco noir infused craft ale brewed with part champagne yeast.

“The brew will definitely evolve in process. We’re toying with a cider element if possible, too,” notes Redline Head Brewer, Seb MacIntosh. Brewing under the working title “Sin Tax Fermentation Collaboration,” all four participants will be serving this unique brew along with their other brands in the Beer Garden at the Illuminate Barrie Festival over Labour Day.

Collaboration is a long-held tradition in the culture of craft brewing. As Flying Monkeys Artisan Brewer and President, Peter Chiodo puts it, “There’s a real futility in seeing fellow craft brewers as ‘competition.’ In our close-knit industry, ignoring brethren is isolationist and counter-productive. Smart people collaborate within a community of makers sharing technics, participating in debate, and upholding moral codes.”

Heritage Estates Owner, Peter McArthur, agrees. “Yes, true makers – including craft brewers and wine makers --hold the same values of hand crafting our award-winning products, creating local jobs, supporting our communities, and representing our city as a place for both tourism and business success.”

“It’s true,” adds Barnstormer Head Brewer, Jeff Woodworth. “We’re all in beverage alcohol which, by nature, is a very social environment. We all have our own neighbourhood, our fans, and our strengths, but together we create the scene in Barrie. I’m proud it’s a friendly, cross-cultural one.”

In attendance at the Flying Monkeys brewhouse on Tuesday morning will be Paul Buttery, Head Brewer of the Flying Monkeys; Sebastian MacIntosh, Head Brewer of Redline Brewhouse; Jeff Woodworth, Head Brewer at Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling; and Heritage Estates Winemaker, Patrick Garrett.

Enjoy the fruits of their “labour day” at the Illuminate Barrie festivities on September 2-3.

For more information, contact:

Andrea Woods Chiodo, Creative Director, Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery
[email protected]

Lauren Maciborka, Cultural Assistant, Events Programmer Canada 150
[email protected]