Attention Local Musicians: City of Barrie’s Customer Service Hold Music

Attention Local Musicians: City of Barrie’s Customer Service Hold Music

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Date & Time

Deadline: Friday, February 15th, 2019 at 4:30pm


The City of Barrie would like to feature local artists on their new telephone system when customers are put on hold. The intent is to rotate the musical selection, featuring around 10 artists or bands. Some general parameters include:

-- At this time they cannot provide compensation for use of music; however the City pays into SOCAN, so make sure your music is registered with them

-- A selection committee will review the submissions and select those that fit best within the parameters given here

-- Easy listening type of music that would appeal to a broad section of the community

-- No inappropriate language

-- Upbeat rather than melancholy

-- Songs approximately 3 minutes in length

-- Instrumental music may be acceptable

-- Volume modulation needs to be consistent throughout the song

-- There may be Customer Service message voice overs added over the music – this may not be from the outset, though down the road there will definitely be interruptions to the music to give update messages to the customers

-- Music may be rotated to add new music/remove existing music on a semi-annually or annual basis – selection once does not guarantee music will remain in the queue forever

-- By submitting your music you are allowing the City of Barrie to use it as hold music on customer service lines

How to submit: BEFORE February 16th, submit a one-page document (Word or PDF) with information about your musical act, links to more content, the name of the track and other pertinent info, along with your chosen MP3(s) with subject line “Service Barrie hold music” to [email protected]