Bliss Yoga Studio

At Bliss Yoga Studio the practice of yoga is much more than a simple definition of a system of exercises …

Helen’s Bridal

Helen’s Bridal has been providing fine and exceptional service to brides for over twenty years in downtown Barrie. Even the […]

Mallory Insurance

Dan Mallory entered the family business with an abundance of energy, and his perpetual desire to challenge himself and others …

The Mady Centre

It can be said that one man’s trash is a community’s wondrous treasure.

Groovy Tuesday’s

What makes Groovy Tuesdays unique is the fact that its tight-knit space encourages guests to engage with each other…

Joshua’s Greenery

Nothing brightens up a room or livens up a streetscape better than fresh flowers creatively arranged.

The North

Marco Ormonde’s passion comes from within, getting started at an early age and knowing almost immediately that he wanted to be a chef.

Cakes by Design

Artists and designers are constantly pushing the envelope to stand out amongst the crowd and often times outdo their own previous work.

Gary Owens Framing

Whether you need to frame that perfect image that completes your home, or you’ve discovered a beautiful old painting that […]

BJ’s Records

For something to be able to stand the test of time it needs to be so unforgettable that generation after generation find their own personal reasons to fall in love with it

Nutrition Plus

Downtown Barrie’s Nutrition Plus has carved out a niche as the leading health food store in Barrie.

John McNabb Clothier

Shopping for the right suit can often times be a daunting challenge.

Our House

After recently celebrating their 20th anniversary and undergoing some renovations, Our House returns more alive and fresh than ever before

The Local Gastropub

A true European pub is known for its comfortable quarters, conversations with strangers, and great craft beer.

Flying Monkeys

The flavour profile of the various brands crafted by Flying Monkeys are as interesting as the name of the brewery itself.

The Creative Space

Truly compassionate people with a genuinely noble cause are few and far between these days.

Tropical North Surf Shop

A surfer’s nirvana and a boarder’s wonderland set inside a tropical destination themed store.

Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers

Diamonds might be a girls’ best friend, but so are rubies, sapphires, emeralds, gold and silver.

Kenzington Burger Bar

Finding a bar you love to hang out at and a restaurant you can’t get enough of often tend to be a difficult task.


It is a rare find when you come across an independently branded cafe that is unique, intriguing, and affordable.

Janet Kemp Ladies Fashion

One of the most satisfying features of a local retail store is the relationship established with the owner and customer.