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Winterfest 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015


Participating Locations Saturday February 7th & Sunday February 8th

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate

Swirleez Frozen Yogurt, 89 Dunlop St E #101

Flavour: white chocolate with marshmallows & sprinkles

2. Flaking Hot Chocolate

English & Miller: Gift Shop, Gallery & Tea Room, 89 Dunlop St E #201

Flavour: traditional hot chocolate with whipped cream & a flakey chocolate wafer topping

3. Snowball Hot Chocolate

Casa Cappuccino, 91 Dunlop St E

Flavour: chocolate with vanilla, marshmallows & graham crackers

4. The Black Pearl

J’Adore Fine Cheese & Chocolate, 111 Dunlop St E

Flavour: dark indulgence hot chocolate poured over a bar of fudge topped with homemade chocolate whipped cream and handcrafted chocolate black pearl

5. Champurrado Hot Chocolate

Local Foods Mart, 123 Dunlop St E

Flavour: thick traditional Mexican style hot chocolate

6. Orange Hot Chocolate

Bohemia, 125 Dunlop St E

Flavour: hot cocoa with homemade orange syrup – with homemade grand mariner flavoured marshmallows and a piece of candied orange peel on top

7. Salted Carmel Hot Chocolate

Chavo Crepes, 74 Dunlop St E

Flavour: salted carmel hot chocolate

8. Cookies & Cream Hot Chocolate

Radio Café at the MacLaren Art Centre, 37 Mulcaster St

Flavour: a delicious cookies and cream flavoured hot chocolate

9. Chai Hot Chocolate

Rawlicious Barrie, 50 Dunlop St E

Flavour: chai hot chocolate

10. Nutty Chocolatier

Barrie Bean Counter, 49 Dunlop St E

Flavour: nutella hot chocolate

11. Mexican Spicy Mocha

Lazy Tulip Café, 29 Maple Avenue

Flavour: Mexican spicy mocha

12. Old Fashion TLC

TLC Bistro, 41 Maple Avenue

Flavour: old fashion hot chocolate, served with mini marshmallows & whipped cream

13. Chocolate Hazelnut Dream

The Juice Dispensary, 36 Maple Avenue

Flavour: hazelnut black sesame hot chocolate with vegan whipped cream