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Who is Downtown Barrie?

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Let’s look at Downtown Barrie from a different perspective. If I was asked who is Downtown Barrie, my best answer would be this: Downtown Barrie is people – our families, friends and neighbours; entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, creators, investors and supporters. These people are local. They are dynamic (creative yet complex) and enduring (persevering yet compassionate). These people flow to the rhythm of downtown Barrie as the heart of a community where the veins of our history and heritage run deep.

Downtown Barrie is people who work, live and play in a community that sees the good, the bad and the ugly. They’re part of a community that is conflicting and challenging yet rewarding and collaborative. This community is constantly changing and in an exciting state of flux with ebbs and flows influenced by all the social and economic forces.

The rhythm of Downtown Barrie is ever-changing. Each moment in time carries with it a sound that can be felt and heard. Adjusting the volume of that sound isn’t carried out by turning a large single dial but rather by carefully feeling and listening for what’s needed and then, with the precision of orchestrating a tuning board, making intensional and specific adjustments with hopes of achieving a balanced harmony.

I encourage you on your next visit (or maybe it will be your first visit) to take time to chat with the staff in the store, restaurant or service business. Chances are you’ll be connected with the business owner(s) who could be your neighbour, a friend of a friend or maybe even someone connected to your family. They will have their ‘local’ story and why they chose to work, live and play in Downtown Barrie and I am sure they will recommend other people of Downtown Barrie to connect with who will share their ‘local’ story. And if you need some encouragement always check out any of the local Best Of categories or Trip Advisor ratings – you will see Downtown Barrie has a lot of businesses that rank in the top!

Downtown Barrie is full of the unexpected. Those who love it know that it loves back with an unwavering energy and optimism. Downtown Barrie is people. Its heart beats loudly and strongly and at the core of this great city – a strong heart is a strong city.