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We’re Growing and So Can You!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

With expansions at many of our downtown Barrie establishments (congratulations Lazy Tulip, Ripe, Kenzington Burger Bar and J’Adore Fine Cheese and Chocolate!), a satellite Georgian College campus coming downtown, thirteen projects slated for downtown development  in the near future and the exciting recent announcement of plans to transition the current Barrie bus terminal into a year round food market, it’s clear that downtown Barrie is growing.

A growing downtown core means many things, including an increased ability to provide our community with places, spaces and events to explore, meet and even experience personal growth. Here are three ways downtown Barrie can help you ‘grow’.

1.) By Getting Creative

Developing, honing and expressing your own individual creativity is an excellent way to experience personal growth. There are many opportunities to do so downtown. A visit to one of our art galleries is a great source of inspiration and an amazing opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. For a more participatory experience, you can also check out several of the classes and workshops offered.

Canvas and Cabernet, for example, offers patrons the ability to express themselves through art while also enjoying a glass of vino. Art in House also provides this type of creative opportunity with art, music and community-based classes geared towards adults and children. Similarly, art classes for young and old are also offered at the MacLaren Art Centre. For the super crafty types, Spool Lounge is another space that offers visitors the opportunity to create.

2.) By Challenging Yourself

Challenging yourself to do something you thought was impossible is another great way to encourage personal growth. There are many ways you can challenge yourself downtown. Perhaps it’s achieving a headstand in a yoga class or finishing your first 5k during a race along the waterfront  – whatever the case believe in yourself, set your intention and make it happen!

3.) By Giving Back

Downtown Barrie is a tight-knit group, focused on creating positive spaces and supporting the local community. As such, there are many community-based charitable programs and initiatives happening in the downtown core. Participating in these programs and initiatives not only provides you with an opportunity to create positive change in the community, it also allows you to inspire positive growth and change in yourself.

Unity Market, for example, runs a weekly voluntary downtown cleanup that allows community members to share in the task of helping keep our downtown clean. Another example is the suspended lunch program offered by Grilled Cheese Social Eatery that works to provide lunch for those who need it.

Committed to helping the community, the Barrie BIA Community Connects program is also aimed at giving back. Essentially, this program works to highlight the great business, restaurants and cafes that call downtown Barrie home, while also highlighting and providing charitable donations to local initiatives and organizations.

Finally, downtown Barrie is also home to an organization that connects volunteers with organizations.  Operating from the Creative Space, TandemPark can provide you with the opportunity to use your unique skills and talents to help others.

Inspired by the growth in downtown Barrie? Come be a part of it and experience your own personal growth by getting creative, challenging yourself and giving back.