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The North

Friday, November 1, 2013

Marco Ormonde’s passion comes from within, getting started at an early age and knowing almost immediately that he wanted to be a chef. He began by spending countless hours in the kitchen with his Grandmother, taking in every scent and taste, and paying close attention to the spices she used, her recipes, and of course her secret ingredients. Learning to cook from someone you love and admire is a treasure in itself, but adding to Marco’s story is the fact that he grew up in Portugal, exposing him to the various cultures and cuisines the Iberian area has to offer.

Marco opened The North in downtown Barrie in 2007. Last year he took over a larger and quite frankly breathtaking building located just behind the original restaurant. Gutting the place from the inside, Marco had the entire venue renovated to better capture the essence and taste that The North had to offer. He brings fine dining and a Mediterranean flare to downtown Barrie in a classy yet approachable space, with a continental menu and diverse wine selection.

Marco is pleased to offer tastings and wine pairings for those guests who appreciate a true epicurean experience. Marco believes that you should cook because you love to not simply because you need to. His great passion for food drove him to pursue a career in culinary arts, where he patiently trained at Humber College. Taking great pride in what he does, Marco is a firm advocate of life experience and proper hands on training. This is why he dedicates his time and his kitchen to co-op students, hoping to give them the kind of knowledge they wouldn’t be able to obtain sitting in a classroom or reading a textbook.

Having an adventurous side, Chef Marco is always curious and eager to taste and create new things, like his popular wild game menu that features exotic meat such as kangaroo, venison, wild boar, squab, alligator and more. This is a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something different and unique. The North is also a widely popular place at Christmas time, hosting Christmas parties from up to 40-50 people. They also have a banquet hall called The West which is located on Toronto street that can hold up to 250 people. Marco is very passionate about his career, his food, his restaurant, his family and his teaching. Make a point to experience The North; the ambience, the menu, the food and of course Marco, will not disappoint.