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Supporting Local Despite the Dirt

Monday, August 26, 2019

Supporting our local businesses supports our local community. Downtown Barrie is full of hundreds of local businesses owned by our friends, our neighbours and our families. This is our community and when we love it, it loves us back.

The Dunlop Streetscape Project is scheduled to begin this month and it’s slated to transform the look of our downtown community. Arnott Construction is the team behind this massive construction project. A local company with a history of beautifully completed work in Simcoe County, Arnott has a lot of friends in our downtown community and they plan to keep it that way during and after the project. This is their community too. They’re going to love it and by the time the first phase of the project is complete, we’re sure that the community will love them back.

The first phase of the project, Phase 1A (Dunlop Street from Mulcaster to Owen), begins September 9th with a hard stop on November 8th. Voices were heard when they said that Remembrance Day and the Christmas shopping season need to be construction-free. Come November 8th, construction will have halted until the construction season begins in 2020 for Phase 1B (Dunlop Street from Owen to Clapperton). These voices came from those who love our downtown community and come November 8th, the community will be loving them right back.

Those businesses on the front line will be the ones exposed to the most dirt, but they’re also the ones who will get to experience the best of the beautiful new flexible street with rolling curbs, wide sidewalks and new streetlights and so much more once complete. These are the businesses who love their community and, as they enter into this construction project, are focusing on the love that we know they can count on getting back once the construction is complete.

This is your chance to show your community that you love it. Come down and support local despite the dirt. You supported it before construction. Support it during construction and again after construction. The final product of the Dunlop Streetscape Project will be a strengthened downtown Barrie that everyone will want to experience. Be there first.