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Nutrition Plus

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

With an ever-growing emphasis being put on eating well and living a healthy, active lifestyle, it isn’t a surprise that Downtown Barrie’s Nutrition Plus has carved out a niche as the leading health food store in Barrie. Nutrition Plus has been a part of the Downtown Barrie community for 33 years, during which time they have grown into a full service health and wellness store. With a broad product range that caters to customers from newborn to super senior, this community health market focuses on providing healthy options for everyone.

Jason Ing and his wife Kim purchased the store two years ago and have re-branded it to better line up with their own beliefs and visions as a supplier of healthy foods and promoters of healthy living in the Barrie area. The re-branding included a new logo mark to support their vision for their community health market and a universal mission to service the community through counseling and health and wellness advice. Their point of difference is that they don’t simply sell these products to the public with false hopes. Instead, the staff at Nutrition Plus live the lives they promote to the community and they take great pride in educating the public on ways to be healthier and ultimately happier.

Jason and Kim are both proud to live and work within the community that they grew up in. With a science degree under his belt and a long time interest in health and fitness, owning a health and wellness store was destined path for Jason. However, even with his credentials and experience, Jason says that he is humbled daily by the expertise of his staff and customers – a staff made up entirely of whole state nutritionists who provide their loyal customers with trusted and valued knowledge and advice on health and wellness.

Nutrition Plus specializes in organic, natural and local food and nutrition choices. They also have products for vegetarians and vegans, as well as offerings for those with gluten and dairy allergies not to mention the resources to educate customers on everything they carry. A store truly dedicated to providing healthier food choices while at the same time educating people on the merits of eating clean and making positive gains in the areas of overall wellness; make sure you choose Nutrition Plus to be a part of your journey to better living.