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Kenzington Burger Bar

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finding a bar you love to hang out at and a restaurant you can't get enough of often tend to be a difficult task. Finding those two places in one elite establishment could be considered next to impossible. The local hot spot, Kenzington Burger Bar, doubles as a mouthwatering delicious restaurant and a fun lively night bar. With a cool interior, a real focus on the food and live entertainment, Kenzington Burger Bar is a true crowd pleaser. Kenzington has been entertaining Barrie for 5 years now, and the recent expansion has reintroduced Kenzingtons as a serious food contender, specializing in gourmet burgers.

At night, the quaint and cozy pub is transformed into a seemingly endless space flowing with energy. Everyone who enters is genuinely greeted by the friendly wait staff, and the guys behind the bar are no strangers to the science of mixology. Owner Brandon Clark can often be seen mingling with patrons, doing his best to make sure everyone is having as much fun as he is. Spoiling the senses with music, cocktails and the perfect mix of people, Kenzingtons offers a truly outstanding nightclub experience.

Kenzingtons' niche proudly falls into the live entertainment category; showcasing live bands every night of the week, giving it an energetic vibe you can truly let go in and enjoy yourself. However, it is the new burger bar that is quickly growing Kenzingtons' reputation as one of Barrie's most interesting places to grab a bite. The menu is creative and well executed, putting Kenzington on the "gotta eat" list.

Whether you're going out with friends, family, or on a date, Kenzingtons is the burger bar for all occasions. Great food, delicious drinks, live entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere - it is no surprise that Kenzingtons has been and will continue to be a growing success in downtown Barrie. The next time you're hungry, stop by Kenzington Burger Bar to "eat and drink for a happy stomach".