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Joshua’s Greenery

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nothing brightens up a room or livens up a streetscape better than fresh flowers creatively arranged. Heather and John Lee have mastered the art of everything floral in their bright and spacious store downtown Barrie.

Joshua’s Greenery is a dedicated member of the downtown Barrie community, bringing vibrancy and colour to the core. The story behind the opening of the store and owners John and Heathers transition from big city to small town is fascinating and inspiring. The happy couple spent most of their life in Toronto, where they owned another flower shop. The two decided to sell their store and effectively retire, giving them time to relax, travel and explore new places.

It was on an impulsive road trip through Barrie that John and Heather stopped down at the waterfront. It was on that trip that they decided to make Barrie their new home, as they were awestruck with the beauty of the area and the business opportunity they saw in the downtown. After they were settled in to their new surroundings, John and Heather came out of retirement and opened up Joshua’s Greenery. Heather has always been fascinated with flower arranging, dedicating her time to finding intriguing and novel flower and colour combinations. As experts in the field, not only do they offer an exceptional product, but they are also happy to share their knowledge of flower care and gardening with their loyal customers. For those people not used to getting this level of service from a big box store experience, this is a welcome touch.

The store itself is filled with a fantastic aroma, and is gorgeously decorated with a variety of flowers from orchids, daisies, roses, sunflowers, willow plants, and so much more. John and Heather take great pride in what they do and go above and beyond to ensure their customers are taken care of. Whether it’s your home garden, a gift for a loved one, your wedding day, or any another special occasion, Joshua’s Greenery has fast become one of the cities best florists.