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Gary Owens Framing

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whether you need to frame that perfect image that completes your home, or you’ve discovered a beautiful old painting that requires some attention, Gary Owen Framing, Fine Art & Restoration Services is the best of the best. Gary has the unique capability of breathing new life into past treasures so that they can be enjoyed and appreciated for years to come. His artistic talents and fascination with restoring forgotten or neglected art to its original beauty are truly exceptional. Gary has been an artist all his life, spending countless years mastering his craft. But his real joy comes from restoring all forms of art including: pictures, paintings, frames, sculptures, and more.

In his lifetime, Gary has seen many unique pieces of art, some in worse shape than others, but typically each piece takes a special place in their owner’s heart. One of the more exceptional projects that Gary has taken on was to restore an old courtroom painting of James Gowan, the first judge in Barrie from the 1800’s. This project was a huge undertaking for Gary, both practically and emotionally, as the pressure for him to succeed was much larger than any other piece he had restored. The entire project took him three and a half months, and the process included stripping down the painting, followed by refinishing, re-stretching and finally re-varnishing. The project stirred up quite the buzz within the community, including newspaper articles featuring the undertaking; the beautifully finished piece is set to be unveiled at the MacLaren Art Center, and you can be sure all eyes on Gary and his astounding work.

Gary’s restoration work is nothing short of pure brilliance; everything he does is applied by hand and he is constantly researching and studying new methods to stay on top of his game. Restoring art requires a remarkable amount of planning before any physical work can begin. Gary steps himself through every possible scenario that could arise in the restoration process before he can even commit to resorting a piece. That said, Gary’s outstanding talents don’t leave much room for disappointment, as he most always finds a way to work through whatever challenging project is brought into his studio.

According to Gary, the most gratifying part of his job comes with the big reveal. He takes great pride in his ability to ‘blow his clients minds’ with the unveiling of their restored treasure; a treasure that some did not think was salvageable at any cost.