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Four Unexpected Ways You Can Experience Art in Downtown Barrie This Summer

Friday, July 15, 2016

Feeling uninspired? Searching for something that will invigorate your senses, awaken your imagination and get those creative juices flowing? You may just need to add a little more art in your life. Indeed, as Picasso once famously mused ‘art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life’. How can you wash away your everyday dust? You may be surprised to learn that Downtown Barrie offers many unexpected opportunities to add a little art to your everyday.

1.) Browse the Gallery

The MacLaren Art Centre is an unexpected gem located in downtown Barrie, Ontario. Featuring many important Canadian artistic pieces, as well as an outdoor cast of Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’, the gallery is located on Mulcaster Street and is open to the public seven days a week, with a suggested admission donation of $5.
The MacLaren isn’t the only gallery in town, however. In fact, Downtown Barrie is also home to The Edge Gallery located on Dunlop Street, Art In House, located in the Lakeshore Mews, The Spool Lounge located in the Lakeshore Mews, Gary Owen Custom Framing located on Dunlop Street and Veni Vidi Art Gallery located on Collier Street. All galleries feature an interesting and eclectic collection of local and Canadian art.

2.) Check out the local art

In addition to the pieces featured at the various galleries, there’s more art to explore and discover downtown. In fact, many of the local coffee shops, restaurants and other organizations such as Bohemia, The Creative Space, The Grilled Cheese Social Eatery, Unity Market, Barrie Bean Counter, The Lazy Tulip Café and Casa Cappuccino regularly display interesting and evocative works from local artists that you can peruse, and even purchase, while sipping your Americano.

3.) Get Artistic

Not only do the galleries, coffee shops and co-working spaced located in Downtown Barrie offer enriching opportunities to enjoy and appreciate art; adult and children’s workshops, camps and classes offered by MacLaren Art Centre, Art In House, Canvas and Cabernet and The Edge Gallery also provide exciting opportunities to delve into art, expand your creative understanding and technical skills and create. If interested, the individual gallery or business websites offer more information.

4.) Art Installations

Finally, even a simple stroll along the waterfront can also provide you with an opportunity to inject a little art into your day. Although you are likely familiar with Barrie’s infamous ‘Spirit Catcher’ art installation, you may not be aware that another installation now calls the beautiful waterfront of Barrie, Ontario its home. Created by Ron Baird, the same artist that created the Spirit Catcher, the ‘Sea Serpent’ is an interesting piece formed from numerous steel sheets welded together. Located at Heritage Park, this 8 foot high sculpture is definitely a sight to see and an unexpected addition to the waterfront landscape.
Whether enjoying art with your morning coffee or participating in an art workshop offered by Art In House, there are many ways to feel inspired in downtown Barrie. In addition to adding art to your everyday, there are also many more unexpected things waiting for you in the heart of city. Come downtown and see, do and explore the #unexpected.