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Flying Monkeys

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The flavour profile of the various brands crafted by Flying Monkeys are as interesting as the name of the brewery itself. After touring the beautifully restored downtown Barrie location, it quickly becomes apparent that each and every person involved in the brewing process pours their heart and soul into producing award winning craft beer. Along with quality craftsmanship comes quality ingredients and Flying Monkeys only source the best they can find. Just spend five minutes with their brew master and you'll be sure to come away with a new appreciation for what passionate beer making is all about.

The unofficial mission of the Flying Monkeys Brewery has always been to provide the Ontario market with a unique beer tasting experience that until now has only been available from micro brewers in the US and Europe. Serving over 300 restaurants and pubs in the surrounding area and having a limited number of its brands distributed through the LCBO and The Beer Store, Flying Monkeys isn't about the mass distribution of commodity suds. For founder Peter Chiodo, it's all about raising the level of expectations people have for beer by producing high quality, uniquely flavoured beer that heightens the craft beer drinking experience.

Peter grew up watching his grandfather brew his own beer in his basement, not knowing that his future was right in front of him. Years later, when it came time for Peter to head off to university, he like many students, were low on funds but high on the idea of getting together with friends to enjoy a few pints. After consuming enough tasteless beer and thinking there has so to be something better, Peter decided to start his own brewery. Named after Barrie's first Mayor, Robert Simpson Brewery was established in 2004 and Peter began experimenting with novel flavour profiles derived from uniquely blended ingredients and voila, his first commercially available craft beer was born – Robert Simpson Confederation Ale.

The original brew, however, did not fully capture the spirit of Peter's intentions to produce a beer that was truly unique in taste. Furthermore, it's sophisticated branding wasn't in line with the direction that Peter wanted to see his craft beers take and so a whimsical yet serious new brand strategy took shape and Flying Monkeys Brewery was introduced.

Locally researched and developed, locally brewed and locally owned, Flying Monkeys is fast becoming a landmark in downtown Barrie. So, the next time you're looking to enjoy a pint with friends or family, remember that normal is weird, simple is boring and Flying Monkeys is neither. Cheers!

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