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DT Barrie Talks – Episode Two

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Episode 2 | Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Guest Speaker : The Local Gastropub, Scott Connor

The DT Barrie Twitter Talks series interviews downtown Barrie personalities, capturing the candid, the vibrant and the spirit of the downtown core.

Downtown Barrie: We are so excited to be here at The Local Gastropub! Let's kick start this #DTbarrietalks with "why Barrie"?!
The Local Gastropub: Because we had visited Barrie so many times before, and even though we enjoyed the dining options here, we felt like it was missing a Gastropub.
Downtown Barrie: Describe your perfect dawn till dusk day in Downtown Barrie? Where would you go, what would you do?
The Local Gastropub: A.M longboard at the barrie waterfront, lunch at Royal Thai, pick up the little and enjoy a movie at Uptown Theatre!
Downtown Barrie: What is your favourite #barrieunexpected thing about Downtown Barrie?
The Local Gastropub: It's so easy to be healthy! Workouts along the Barrie waterfront, juices at Ripe Juicery and snacks from Nutrition Plus
Downtown Barrie: Where is your favourite place to snap a photo in Downtown Barrie?

The Local Gastropub: Southshore Centre! Either at sunrise or sunset, it's amazing!
Downtown Barrie: What is your favourite Downtown Barrie event?
The Local Gastropub : Definitely promenade days!! #CanadaDay
Downtown Barrie: Can you tell us more about that event specifically that you like so much!?
The Local Gastropub: There is so much energy - the vibe is great - out of towners and locals are out enjoying the sun and all of our businesses!

Downtown Barrie: Employee Appreciation Day is coming up, can you describe your staff in one word?
The Local Gastropub: Loyal. We have the best staff in town, they are like family.
Downtown Barrie: Keeping with that theme, if you could give your employees anything in the world to show your appreciation, what would it be?
The Local Gastropub: Would be great to give the gang a vacation! We could go to Scotland together and eat haggis! No seriously, a trip :)
Downtown Barrie: Can we come!? This group trip sounds amazing :)

Downtown Barrie: Which restaurant in Downtown Barrie is still on your to-dine list?
The Local Gastropub: We would love to dine at Il Buco, they get awesome reviews!
Downtown Barrie: What should ever Downtown Barrie visitor do at least once?
The Local Gastropub: Dine at the Local Gastropub! Also walk on the Barrie waterfront, it is gorgeous! And enjoy some of our colleagues great patios.
Downtown Barrie: How would you describe Downtown Barrie?
The Local Gastropub: Up and coming! We love seeing the progress!! Keep up the great work Downtown Barrie, it was such a pleasure to chat with you today.
Downtown Barrie: Thank you! It was so great to chat with you! Now, who would you like to see join us for our next #DTbarrietalks?
The Local Gastropub: Our favourite tea room! English & Miller