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DT Barrie Talks Twitter Series – Episode Five

Monday, July 11, 2016

Episode 5 | Monday, July 4th, 2016

Guest Speaker : Theatre By The Bay
The DT Barrie Twitter Talks series interviews downtown Barrie personalities, capturing the candid, the vibrant and the spirit of the downtown core.
Downtown Barrie: And we’re ready for our #DTbarrietalk with @theatrebythebay. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about TBTB! #downtownbarrie #barrielove

Theatre By The Bay:
1) tbtb has been providing exceptional live theatre to Barrie for the past 15 years.
2) We were founded by Larissa Mair and @Bailliewick doing Shakespeare on the waterfront and have expanded since.
3) Our season this year includes a world premiere musical, Faust, and our exciting kid’s show, Adventure Island
Downtown Barrie: That all sounds so exciting, we will have to check out those shows! Now we’re curious to know “why #Barrie” @theatrebythebay #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay
1)#Barrie is a great puzzle for artists. There is a diverse range of people with different experiences with arts.
2) How we reach them and excite them is always the question we ask ourselves every time we choose a show to do.
3)That being said, #Barrie has a fantastic community of people who love theatre and believe in what we do.
Downtown Barrie: What are your hopes & dreams for the #arts and #culture sector of #DowntownBarrie? @theatrebythebay #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay
1) I want to see a downtown that has a plethora of low-cost venues for local artists to showcase their work.
2) Currently, there are too few options at too high a price for people interested in making art to have their shot.
Downtown Barrie: @theatrebythebay describe your perfect dawn till dusk day in #DowntownBarrie? Where would you go, what would you do? #DTbarrietalks

Theatre By The Bay: 1)Start the day with a session @OrangeBarrie, then coffee @BarrieBeans, then go to the @MacLarenArt.
2) Have lunch at Wally’s Deli, then walk along the waterfront and spend some time tanning at the beach and reading.
3) Meet up with some friends and do the @FlyingMonkeys tour, then grab food at @CheeseEatery
4) Catch a fantastic performance of #Faust, then go to @DonaleighsPub for drinks afterwards!

Downtown Barrie: That sounds like a fantastic day in #downtownbarrie @theatrebythebay!! #barrielove
Dowtown Barrie: @theatrebythebay what is your favourite #barrieunexpected thing about #DowntownBarrie? #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay: I love how friendly all the staff are! Every store you go into you meet really nice, down-to-earth people 🙂

Downtown Barrie: Do you have a favourite place to snap a #barriephoto in #DowntownBarrie? If so, where is it! @theatrebythebay #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay: I fell in love with the waterfront pretty quickly and I love to take photos of the water at all times of the day!
2) After all, the waterfront is where we started, and how we got our name!
> Downtown Barrie:We are looking forward to your new musical, tell us a little more about Faust & why everyone should see it! #DTbarrietalks @theatrebythebay
Theatre By The Bay: ) This has been a project years in the making! @jettelamorey and Leslie Arden have put this epic play to music
2) and the result is an incredible, moving score that brings new life to this wonderful story of devils and magic
3) it is an epic love story, a swash-buckling adventure, and one of the most ambitious projects we have ever done
4) We also have a wonderful cast including Stratford actors, and rising stars in the Canadian theatre scene
5) it is NOT to be missed!

Downtown Barrie: @theatrebythebay what is your favourite #DowntownBarrieEvent? #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay: 1) Definitely Promenade Days & Celebrate Barrie. They provide the best opportunity to spread the word on our season
2) plus, it is great to see so many people out and showing an interest in what is going on in their community!

Downtown Barrie:In your opinion @theatrebythebay, what should every #DowntownBarrieVisitor do at least once in #downtownbarrie?! #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay: That’s an easy one! See #Faust! If you’d like to get tickets to @theatrebythebay’s upcoming musical Faust you can click the link here #DTbarrietalks
Downtown Barrie: If you had to, how would you describe #DowntownBarrie in one word? @theatrebythebay #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay: #robust
Downtown Barrie: Thanks @theatrebythebay! It has been a pleasure chatting with you, we’d love to hear your recommendations for our next #DTbarrietalks
Theatre By The Bay: Definitely the wonderful ladies of @OurHouse1 or the Michael and Marion’s team! Both would be wonderful talks 🙂