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DT Barrie Talks – Episode Three

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Episode 3 | Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Guest Speaker : Tropical North, Sam

The DT Barrie Twitter Talks series interviews downtown Barrie personalities, capturing the candid, the vibrant and the spirit of the downtown core.
Downtown Barrie: We are here at @Tropical_North chatting with Sam! Let’s kick off this #DTbarrietalks with “why #Barrie”?!

Tropical North: A local skate scene, access to the best snow resorts, & water not even 5 min away. Doesn’t sound to bad to me.
Downtown Barrie: The @Tropical_North brand has been #DowntownBarrie for over 20, are their any exciting plans for the store?
Tropical North: To get as many ppl out on boards as possible, and maybe even a fresh outfit for after! #supportlocal #DTbarrietalks
Downtown Barrie: Now we’re curious, what are your hopes & dreams for #downtownbarrie?! #DTbarrietalks @Tropical_North
Tropical North: Grow the #supportlocal scene. We already have so many ppl who make their way downtown to support businesses. The more people that do that the better #downtownbarrie can be! #DTbarrietalks #barrielove
Downtown Barrie: Tropical North can you describe your perfect dawn till dusk day in #downtownbarrie? Where would you go, what would you do #DTbarrietalks
Tropical North: skate to the water for a morn. behind the boat @Surf_Adrenalin, open up the shop & see @CheeseEatery for lunch. Then sneak in a skate & back over to @kenzburgerbar for food & drinks! #downtownbarrie #DTbarrietalks
Downtown Barrie: Where is one of your favourite places to shop in #downtownbarrie? @Tropical_North #DTbarrietalks #supportlocal
Tropical North : We spend a lot of time at the dollar store, seriously we can get everything there and it’s so close #DTbarrietalks

Downtown Barrie: What about your favourite #barrieunexpected thing here in #downtownbarrie?! @Tropical_North #DTbarrietalks
Tropical North: The people you meet in the dollar store! The amount of stories I have heard while in line #barrieunexpected
Downtown Barrie: Where do you #love to snap a #barriephoto in #downtownbarrie? @Tropical_North #DTbarrietalks
Tropical North: @DowntownBarrie On the water or at the skatepark #DTbarrietalks #barrieview #barrieunexpected
Downtown Barrie: @Tropical_North what is your favourite #DowntownBarrieEvent? #DTbarrietalks
Tropical North: That’s a hard one! Between paint the park & promanade days, both allow access for ppl to get out & try new things
Downtown Barrie: What should every #DowntownBarrieVisitor do at least once? @Tropical_North #DTbarrietalks

Tropical North: They have to come check out Tropical North! We are the only surf shop in the area, and we are awesome #barrielove
Downtown Barrie: How would you describe #downtownbarrie in one word? @Tropical_North #DTbarrietalks
Tropical North : #rad
Downtown Barrie: Wicked! Well thanks so much for joining us @Tropical_North for this #DTbarrietalks, we have had a blast and you guys certainly are #rad
Tropical North : Thanks for chatting! Now off to the park!
Downtown Barrie: Stay tuned for our next #DTbarrietalks chat happening at the beginning of June. And feel free to tell us who you’d like to hear from