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DT Barrie Talks Episode Four

Monday, June 20, 2016

The DT Barrie Twitter Talks series interviews downtown Barrie personalities, capturing the candid, the vibrant and the spirit of the downtown core. This month, we chatted with Ann Green from Bliss Yoga about staying fit, remaining grounded, supporting local and appreciating the ‘unexpected’ intersection between urban and nature that is the trademark of our downtown.

Downtown Barrie: We are here at @AnnGreenYoga for our June #DTbarrietalks. Thanks so much for joining us!!
Bliss Yoga: We are so excited to be a part of this! #DTbarrietalks
Downtown Barrie: Great! Let’s start off with “Why #Barrie” – @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks #downtownbarrie
Bliss Yoga: Because Barrie is completely connected to nature #DTbarrietalks #downtownbarrie
Downtown Barrie: We couldn’t agree more! #barrielove
Downtown Barrie: If you could give people any piece of advice, what would it be? @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: Get out in nature. To be quiet, connected and in nature. Also, get active in nature! And always support locals!
Downtown Barrie: @AnnGreenYoga What is one of your favourite things about the summer season? #DTbarrietalks

Bliss Yoga: Standup Paddleboarding! Being on water in the sun and being completely connected to nature in the most abundant way!
Downtown Barrie: Describe your perfect dawn till dusk day in #DowntownBarrie? Where would you go, what would you do? @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga : Sunrise SUP & spinach eggs benedict at diner. Daytime adventures on the water, on the path, on the grass. Sweet sunset yoga class, a mojito on any of the downtown patios. Finish off with stargazing from the marina!
Downtown Barrie: @AnnGreenYoga Where is one of your favourite places to shop in #DowntownBarrie? #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: @Tropical_North @jadorecheese @InhabitInterior @ripejuicery & @CheeseEatery just to name a few of the awesome!
Downtown Barrie: @AnnGreenYoga What is your favourite #barrieunexpected thing about #DowntownBarrie? #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: The world class recognized talent. The amazing home of pure genius in art, architecture, education & product. @Tyger_Shark @angiesoutdoor @FlyingMonkeys Le Petit Chapeau, Metzger’s Studio, Il Buco, Nino’s, Shirleys

Downtown Barrie: #DowntownBarrie really is an amazing #community of #neighbours who all support one another!
Downtown Barrie: Where is your favourite place to snap a #barriephoto? @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: @DowntownBarrie On the water on my SUP!
Downtown Barrie: What is your favourite #DowntownBarrieEvent? @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: There are so many: Kempenfest, Barrie Half Marathon, Paddlefest, Dragonboat races, Curb Appeal, Hot Chocolate Trail
Downtown Barrie:What do you love about these events? #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: I love the unexpected athletic talent it brings. But I also love the varieties of art, culture and delicious food.
Downtown Barrie: What should every #DowntownBarrieVisitor do at least once in #DowntownBarrie? @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: The experience of really truly connection of nature on the water. FUN with SUP. Or at a class in our studio!

Downtown Barrie: How would you describe #DowntownBarrie in one word? @AnnGreenYoga #DTbarrietalks
Bliss Yoga: #beatiful #blissful #BARRIE
Downtown Barrie: Thank you @AnnGreenYoga for this #blissful & #inspiring #DTbarrietalks! It was a true pleasure. Who would YOU like to see us chat with next?
Bliss Yoga: Thank YOU! It was so fun! With the Craft Beer Festival coming up we would love to hear from @HooligansBarrie