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A Taste of the First Ever Curb Appeal DIY

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Curb Appeal DIY: Wrap-Up
A Taste of the First Evening in this Intimate & Interactive Foodie Series

The first evening of the Curb Appeal DIY series took place on Wednesday, November 21st. The air was crisp and cold when guests walked past the 35 foot Christmas tree at Meridian Place and headed into Homestead Artisan Bakery + Cafe. Inside, a 12 foot Christmas tree anchored the space and set an atmosphere of warmth and excitement complemented by beautiful music performed by local musician Wesley McCarthy.

Intended to be a series of intimate evenings for guests to get to know Downtown Barrie’s incredible chefs, the Curb Appeal DIY series offers a  glimpse of what goes into creating the well-loved signature goodies and delicious masterpieces.

Owners and chefs Lise Garden and Cait Patrick opened up their Homestead to a guest list of 21 and taught the ins and outs of baking their famous sourdough bread. Guests tied on some aprons, floured their hands and rolled out some delicious sourdough baguettes. Shortly thereafter, guests sampled some warm, soulful cheddar, apple, and beer soup in a freshly baked bread bowl, miniature versions of Homestead’s famous sammies, including the Reuben and the roasted veggie, all while enjoying a glass of wine.

Homestead Artisan Bakery + Cafe was the perfect place to kick off the first evening of the Curb Appeal DIY series. Expectations of warmth, intimacy, insight, and a quiet exclusivity that are found in every Curb Appeal setting were beautifully set along with a sense of excitement for the continuation of the series.

Next in the series will be oysters fresh, fried, and grilled at The Farmhouse! Stay tuned for details.