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What is May Days?

May Days was developed in order to encourage people to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather spring brings. It is all about encouraging people to head downtown and support local.

Stay tuned for more details about an exciting new element we’re adding to May Days!

When is May Days?

Every day in May from your businesses open to close.

Participating is easy!

Donate a minimum $20 gift certificate or product/service of equal or greater value for the prize draw. Agree to include a single ballot with every customer purchase.

Psst.. We had 70+ businesses participate in 2017!

How do customers enter to win?

When customers make a purchase, they are then provided with one ballot for a chance to win a bountiful prize package comprised of gift certificates and products provided by Downtown businesses.

What’s in it for Your Business?

  •  Event Collaterals – Downtown Barrie will provide Posters, Window Stickers, Passports, Pins, etc. to assist with promoting your business’ participation
  •  Event Page Listing – Downtown Barrie will promote May Days on our website; along within local community calendars (i.e. newspaper, radio, and municipal, etc.)
  •  Social Media Coverage –  on Downtown Barrie’s dedicated Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  •  Event Social Media Kit – will also be provided with ‘ready to upload’ photos and pre-drafted content
  •  Press Release & Conference (pre-event) –  T0 be scheduled for event promotion
  •  Press Release (post-event) –  Highlighting event recap & donation to Charity

If you’re interested, download the form here and email it to us at