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Warm up your heart and soul by following along Downtown Barrie’s Hot Cocoa Trail every weekend in February. With over 20 unique takes on the traditional winter favourite, the Trail provides a fun winter activity as well as an opportunity to support The Camphill Foundation.

To find out more about how awesome The Camphill Foundation and to check out details on what they do for our community, click here.

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Warm up with a delicious hot drink, a chance to win, and a warm fuzzy feeling!

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Locations & Flavours

  • Swirleez Frozen Yogurt (89 Dunlop St. East, #101) – Flavour: Peppermint Hot Cocoa
  • Chillz Dessert Lounge (89 Dunlop St. East, #102) – Flavour: Spiked Hot Cocoa with Baileys, Kahlua & Frangelico
  • Barrie Bean Counter (49 Dunlop St. East) – Flavour: Avalanche Hot Chocolate
  • Renegade Health Bar (50 Dunlop St. East) – Saturdays Only – Flavours: Creamy Adaptogenic Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate & Keto Hot Chocolate
  • Chavos Crepes (74 Dunlop St. East) – Flavour: Salty Marshmallow Hot Chocolate
  • Epic North Coffee / Homestead Artisan Bakery (80 Dunlop St. East) – Saturdays Only – Flavour: Epic Mocha with Homestead Lighting Marshmallow
  • Casa Cappuccino (91 Dunlop St. East) – Flavour: Toffee Crunch White Hot Cocoa
  • J’Adore Fine Cheese & Chocolate (111 Dunlop St. East) – Saturdays Only – Flavour: Superhero Hot Chocolate on a spoon
  • Ripe Juicery (118 Dunlop St. East) – Flavour: Raw Peppermint Hot Cocoa (dairy free & vegan)
  • BOHEMIA (125 Dunlop St. East) – Flavour: Pure Cocoa with Maple
  • Gallery Café @ MacLaren Art Centre (37 Mulcaster St.) – Flavour: Chocolate Cherry Hot Chocolate
  • Lazy Tulip Café (29 Maple Ave.) – Flavour: Mexican Spicy Mocha
  • TLC Cafe & Bistro (41 Maple Ave.) – Saturdays Only – Flavour: Old Fashion TLC (Hot Cocoa served with Mini Marshmallows & Whip Cream)
  • NOURISH Brew+Blend @ Nutrition Plus (42 Maple Ave.) – Saturdays Only – Flavour: Very Vegan Hot Chocolate
  • Higher Grounds Coffee House (69A Dunlop St. West) – Saturdays Only – Flavours: Tiramisu Hot Chocolate – Creme Caramel Hot Chocolate


Bonus Locations:

  • Flying Monkey Craft Brewery & Tap Room (107 Dunlop St. East) – Available daily, must be 19+, bottle purchase to take home – Flavour: Ginger Belle (Price: $6.95)
  • The Camphill Store (111 Dunlop St. East) – Saturdays Only – Flavours: – Classic Hot Chocolate: smooth, creamy & rich hot chocolate with marshmallows – Spiced Hot Chocolate: rich & creamy with a heartwarming hint of cinnamon and spice – Magic Hot Chocolate: classic hot chocolate and marshmallows jazzed up with a magic topping

Special Stops:

  • Five Points Theatre, presented by Pratt Homes (1 Dunlop St. West) – Flavour: TBD – Saturday February 8th, 2019 *in conjunction with the City of Barrie’s Winter Artisan Market Sunday February 9th, 2019. * in conjunction with the City of Barrie’s Winter Artisan Market Saturday February 23rd, 2019.
  • Unity Market (25 Toronto St.) – Flavour: Vegan Mint Hot Chocolate – Saturday February 2nd, 2019 & Saturday February 9th, 2019.

Dates & Times

Feb 2 - 3
Feb 9 - 10
Feb 16 - 17
Feb 23 - 24

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