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Friday, February 22nd, 2019




Rotary Education Centre
MacLaren Art Centre
37 Mulcaster Street


Join the MacLaren Art Centre on Friday, February 22 for Art for Lunch with Frances Thomas, a regional artist and one of the founding members of PRNT Collective, an artist collective in Barrie dedicated to fostering the printmaking arts. Frances will talk about how PRNT Collective started and share highlights of some of their public projects. She will also answer questions like “What is an original print?” and “Why do artists continue to be passionate about printmaking in the 21st century?” Printmaking is more than a mechanical means of reproduction; it is a physically demanding and labour intensive artform with a history that dates back to the time paper was invented. No longer a peripheral activity, printmaking can be placed alongside sculpture and painting as a primary means of artistic expression.

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